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YES! We work for the punters, not the bookmakers!

OUR MISSION - 'It's Our Mission To Get You More Winners'

If you want to succeed with betting, then pay very close attention!
Many punters believe that betting to ensure that you make profit isnt possible... But nothing could be further from the truth.
And if you're a punter who wants to make profit... then WE are exactly what you're looking for!

Our tipping service makes everything simple for you to:
Make consistent profit, easily...
Make Low Risk bets...
Have the ability to know when your next win will come by...
Ensure that you're always building your bankroll...
Stop losing your hard earned dollars and actually start betting with the bookies money...
...And much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?
Now you never have to worry about the bookmakers encouraging you to bet unprofitably again!
Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you're making bets that wont consistently make you profit.

AND best of all... you could start seeing results with our tipping service in less than 2 weeks and costs as little as $15pm!

So again, if you're a punter who wants to make more profit, understand this:
You need a way to stop losing your money and to actually start making consistent profit betting with the bookies money...
The sooner you start building your bankroll the quicker you're able to increase your wagers to make more and more money...
Start being able to plan what you can do with your WINNINGS instead of how to cover your losses...

The Sports Tipper holds the key to your success on the punt.

It's our Mission to get our Customers more winners and our business relies upon us doing just that.
We dont make money off bookmaker affiliate links. Yes, thats right, you wont find any bookmaker links on our site, EVER, because we are here just for the PUNTER!

With over 40 years combined experienced, our Sports & Racing Analysts know how important it is to a punter to not only get those elusive winners but most importantly that those winners are profitable. There's no point in getting a stack of winners if you still end up behind at the end of the day.
So we ensure that we track everything we do so that we know:
Our Strike Rates across all Sports & Greyhounds
Our Units Profit across all Sports & Greyhounds
Our Return On Investment & Profit On Turnover

We know that your time is just as important to you as your hard earned money.
So we take the time to do all the form for you. We analyse the games, the players, the runners and the statistics every single day. 

We take the guess work out of picking winners by doing the form for you and we deliver our selections via private Telegram Channels.  Our service is a monthly subscription and full Terms & Conditions can be found here
As a registered Australian Business we support Responsible Gambling


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