About The Sports Tipper

Our Sports Analysts have over 40 years combined professional Sports and Racing wagering experience and have worked with the largest Australian Wagering company for over 20 years.
We are excited to have them on board as their knowledge of Sports and Greyhounds throughout the world is second to none.

We created The Sports Tipper after seeing a vacancy in the Professional tipping market for not only a full service that provided BOTH Sports & Greyhound selections but also one that had the experience in the Industry. We had watched people betting in every manner imaginable over the last 20 odd years and knew that there had to be a better way to punt, a smarter way. A way to punt that would be somewhat 'lower risk' than other methods and one that would help reduce the inclination to 'tilt' after a loss. 

This lead to many discussions and testing of known methods of wagering from the Kelly Criterion method to a 'Double Till You Win' style of punting. So we got together a team of Australia's Best Sports and Greyhound analysts and we started testing all of the methods we had seen used. We watched, we tracked and we tested the lot. We couldnt find even ONE stand out method. So... we developed our own!

We spent 3 years testing and tracking our strategy before releasing it to our customers in May 2017. So far in 2018 we have delivered over 13,000 units profit! YES! Thats over $13000 if you used a $1 unit!!! Seems too good to be true doesnt it??? 
But its not, its a proven method for wagering that ensures that when you hit a winner, you make profit. And yes, there are some important parts to it, like ensuring that you know your strike rate and you also know your minimum odds that you need to make a profit when you do hit that winner


Our analysts sports selections come from a system of not only stats but of their knowledge of team match ups, the little nuances that affect a team on the road or at home, their knowledge of what else is happening outside of play time as well as their history of ‘knowing’ their teams and players ensures that their success rate is consistently in the profit zone.

Our Sports Analysts are consistently in the money on their Sports Tipping Competitions and we are excited to provide Round by Round picks for the AFL (Australian Football League) Season and also the NRL (National Rugby League) Season in our Subscription Service.

We specialise in AFL Exotics, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket & NFL.

Our Strike Rate across the board is currently 71%.


Our Greyhound Racing analysts are consistently delivering selections to our Subscription Members at profitable strike rates. Combined with our customised staking strategy, we are delivering consistent profits each week. Profits in the range of 300 units in a week have been consistently achieved with our Staking Strategy. When using this Staking Strategy, we have a profitable day 76% of the time... Now that's a Strike Rate worth having a punt on!!

Our Strike Rates are:
Greyhound Win 36%
Greyhound Place 64%

2018 ROI 138%
2018 POT 37.56%
2018 Units Profit 8466.5