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About ​The Sports Tipper

Commencing in late 2016, The Sports Tipper was formed with Bec, our Racing Analyst approaching John, our Sports Analyst, about forming a partnership that would help put the odds in the punters favour. 

Working for over 20 years for one of Australia's largest wagering companies, Bec operated three of her own TAB Agencies and watched first hand, day in and day out, how much the bookmakers were raking it in while the punter struggled. As a Senior Trader for one of Australia's most innovative bookmaking operations, John has also made a very profitable career as a professional Sports Investor. 

Combined, Bec and John tracked and analysed every Sports and Racing result for a number of years, came up with strategies and tracked those to ensure their profitability and success prior to launching The Sports Tipper. As a registered Australian Business, The Sports Tipper does not, and never will, offer affiliate programs with Bookmakers. They are purely working for the Punter and NEVER the Bookmaker.

Plenty of winnings for everyone

Sometimes we're asked "If the tips are so good why don't you just back them yourself?". Well, we'll be honest with you, we do. We use the exact strategy with the exact tips that we send out and we don't make a cent less on them if we also share them with hundreds of our customers. What does happen is that we get to enjoy that extra satisfaction of seeing our customers win along side us. When we're winning, so are our customers and it doesn't get any better than that! 

On the flip side...

We don't make money when you lose

You'll quite often see on a tipping service site or on a social media platform, special offers to sign up with particular Bookmakers. Bonus Bet offers or Sign up bonuses, these sorts of things. Whats happening when those are on offer is that the link that you click on and sign up with will give that link owner a % of your losses FOR LIFE! 

Yep, around 30% of every bet you lose gets paid to the person who gave you the link or whose site had the offer you clicked on. Doesn't seem like there would be much of an advantage to tip you consistent winners does it?

Whenever you're in profit they don't get a cent, they only make money when you lose... 

This is why we NEVER offer any incentives to sign up with any bookies, we NEVER provide sign up bonuses or promote particular bookies. We only make money when you WIN. If you're making money then you're more likely to stay on board with us and keep winning. Its actually our mission...To Get You More Winners!!!