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"We're not giving you a stack of tips each day for you to try and work out which ones to follow, potentially picking the ones that don't win... We're giving you just 2 Multi's at a time with a simple strategy to follow! Its that easy!"
BOB Sports Tips



We started delivering our BOB Sports Tips in February 2018 until we officially launched BOB in September 2018. We delivered those tips in our Facebook Group with over 5000 members and we tracked how successful and most importantly, how PROFITABLE, our BOB Sports Tips were…
And WOW! Its CRAZY how PROFITABLE BOB had been over that period!
Check out our results of how we’ve gone over the last year since we launched in September 2018


If you had come on board 12 months ago, followed just 2 picks, twice a day with our simple strategy and used a $10 unit value, you would have already made a minimum of between $5188.90 and $10,692 PROFIT! You also could have built that further if you were compounding to build your bankroll and increase your unit value as you went along. These figures are if you didn’t change your unit value during the 12 months! 


We know that you’re busy, we know you don’t want to waste your time trying to work out which tips to back, which bets to make. 
We also know how much it pisses you off when the one pick you don’t take is the one that wins.

That’s why we keep it simple with BOB. BOB stands for the Best Of the Best. We deliver just our best 2 Multi’s twice a day. We keep it really easy to make steady profits.


Why is bOB different

We tracked all of BOBs statistics to know, not just his strike rate or his Return On Investment but most importantly, his Frequency Of Win (FOW). This lets the BOB followers bet with confidence on every single bet.

Combine and Conquer

Combining the knowledge of all of BOBs statistics along with simple strategies for calculating your wagers means that you have a powerful weapon in your Sports Betting pocket. Knowing how much to bet to make profit is key!

am i locked in

Nope! You can cancel at any time, no questions asked directly via your Paypal account or contacting us to cancel it for you.

why is FOW important

To be able to bet profitably and safely, you should know how frequently your wins come. If you knew that you hit a win 100% of the time by your 8th bet, it wouldnt be wise to bet your last $20 on your 7th bet or earlier hey?

Compound and build

Compounding your profits to increase your unit value can also help build your bankroll faster. Over the last 12 months BOB has delivered over 1100 units profit without having to put another $ into the kitty through compounding!

How much is BOB

BOB Sports Tips is just $9 per month. Yep, that works out to be just over 2 Bob a day in old terms!




Commencing in late 2016, The Sports Tipper was formed with Bec, our Racing Analyst approaching John, our Sports Analyst, about forming a partnership that would help put the odds in the punters favour. Working for over 20 years for one of Australia’s largest wagering companies, Bec operated three of her own TAB Agencies and watched first hand, day in and day out, how much the bookmakers were raking it in while the punter struggled. 

racing tips


As a Senior Trader for one of Australia’s most innovative bookmaking operations, John has also made a very profitable career as a professional Sports Investor. 
Combined, Bec and John tracked and analysed every Sports and Racing result for a number of years, came up with strategies and tracked those to ensure their profitability and success prior to launching The Sports Tipper. As a registered Australian Business, The Sports Tipper does not, and never will, offer affiliate programs with Bookmakers. They are purely working for the Punter and NEVER the Bookmaker. 


BOB is delivering the Best Of The Best Sports Tips 7 days a week via the free Telegram messaging app...
because BOB is Sports Betting Made Easy!