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Proven Sports Tips Results

We had been delivering our BOB Sports Tips every single day from the 13th of February 2018 till we officially launched on October 20 2018. We delivered those tips in our Facebook Group with over 5000 members and we tracked how successful and most importantly, how PROFITABLE, our BOB Sports Tips were...
And WOW! its CRAZY how PROFITABLE BOB had been over that period!
Since we launched in October last year, BOB has delivered 482.9 Units PROFIT. Yes! Thats on top of the 660 units PROFIT made pre-launch!
Thats over 1100 units PROFIT in one year with just one or two sports tips a day!!!

Profitable Sports Tips Results

Our BOB Sports Tips have delivered 127.74 Units PROFIT already this year with just one or two BEST OF THE BEST Sports tips a day!!! 

YES! That's $1277 PROFIT for a $10 punter following our Sports tips each day using our SIMPLE staking strategy... (PLUS we also have a more aggressive strategy that has delivered 506.84 units profit this year with these same tips... yes, $5068 profit for a $10 punter)
AND the best part is our STRIKE RATE and Stats that go along with our results. 
Check them out below, its just crazy how EASY and PROFITABLE it is!

Our Winning Statistics

2019 Units Profit: 127.74 (506.84 with our more aggressive strategy)
Tips provided: 98
Tips won: 51
Strike Rate: 52%
ROI: 24%
POT: 20%
Avg Units Profit Per Month: 72.99

The Sports Tips WOW Factor

A profitable Strike Rate is super important as long as it matches the Minimum Odds for Profit (as in a minimum $2 odds at 50% strike rate will give money back and no punter just wants to make just money back, do we?).
BUT more importantly is knowing the frequency of the wins to know 
HOW to back those tips for MAXIMUM PROFIT. 
Our BOB tip won 94% of the time within 4 bets or less!!!  CRAZY RIGHT???
PLUS our worst losing streak was only 6 bets & that only happened once in a whole year!
 Now that's a strike rate worth betting on!
So combining that AMAZING WINNING STRIKE FREQUENCY with a simple staking strategy means PROFITABLE SPORTS BETTING!!!

You get access to both our Simple Passive Strategy as well as our Aggressive Strategy to maximise your profits.

Who we are:

BOB is quite simply put... The Best Of the Best. He is the best tip of the day. Over time, he is the GOAT. 
BOB is the tip that has the most confidence, the one that ticks all the boxes each day. If BOB is a little short on odds he's combined with another to get those odds we need.  BOB can be many sports, even a horse or a dog.



Previously working as a Sports Trader for some of Australia's largest wagering companies, John has a passion for Sport that ensures he's crunching the numbers and finding that edge for his customers every day. His focus is on American Sports (NBA, NFL) and Australian Sports (NBL, AFL) and is constantly evolving his selection process and strategies to ensure profitability.

John - Sports Analyst


Starting in the Racing Industry in 1990, Bec has worked for TABCORP in various roles from Raceday Co-ordinator to owning 3 TAB Agencies. 
Her focus is Australian Thoroughbreds & Greyhounds & developed a staking strategy that was a game changer for punters.
With a profitable strike rate & her strategy, she's delivered over 28,000 units profit so far in 2018.

Bec - Racing Analyst


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