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Tracking Bets for Profit

Why its the most important thing you MUST do to be able to make PROFITS in punting… we’re sharing with you how to do it & WHY…

Strike Rates & Minimum Odds

The 2 Things you absolutely MUST know before placing another bet!

Making The Picks

If you like to make your own selections you’ll find out our tips for making your racing selections

The Saturday Market

We’re talking about the Saturday Market & the Melbourne Cup market and why its different.

Staking Strategies

We’re sharing with you all of our Industry insights into the most PROFITABLE Staking strategies to use on Racing &/or Sports

Bankroll Management

Did you know your bankroll and its management can be a brilliant Betting Strategy in itself? YES! and for ANY size budget!

Place Betting Strategy

Perfect for any size budget, this low risk strategy is AMAZING for consistent results on Horse Racing

The Thunder System ©

Our custom designed Staking Strategy that is made for those who want to increase their profits faster with a little more risk than other safer ones such as our Place Betting Strategy.


How to use Dutching profitably to increase your chances of a return. It’s not a 50/50 wager as many may think!


The only way to make constant guaranteed profit on Sports. Want to know how to do it? We’re showing you how to make ‘Arb’ PROFITS!


How to reduce your risks with this type of ‘Insurance’ betting…

Playing Short Odds

Can you back those short priced favourites? We’ll tell you how you can do it Profitably!


Multi’s/ Parlays/ Accumulators… Lots of fun at a small cost. 

Bonus Bets

The Ins & Outs of Bonus Bets and how to use them (& not use them) to your advantage.

Our Top 3 Most Profitable Options

We’ll give you our Top 3 most profitable sports options so you can get in on them too!!!

Responsible Gambling

Not having as much fun as you used to? Information about assistance if Gambling is getting the better of you


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” If anyone wants a punting/tipping service, whether small punters or large, if you follow their tips & strategies to a tee, you win! I couldn’t recommend the info Bec & John pass on more highly as ive been in a few over the years and none come close to this one👍🏻”
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This is the exact file that we use at The Sports Tipper to track every tip we select to track our success rates and find out our Strike Rate. One essential part you MUST know to make profitable wagers.



We’re giving you our Strike Rate calculator that tells you your minimum odds required for profitable punting. The other essential tool for making profitable selections.



THE WHOLE SHEBANG! Our Arbitrage Calculator, Our Dutching Calculator AND our Hedging Calculator. Enter your wager amount, odds of your selections and it does ALL the work for you. These calculators take the hard work out of working out if there’s profit to be made and how to split your wager to do it. 

Don’t have time to analyse all the Sports Markets?
Don’t want to read the form and find profitable Racing options to bet on?
Leave it to us!

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It’s impossible for us to guarantee profits as we cannot ensure that everyone follows every tip that we give out to use with our systems and we have no control over how people use our system on a day to day basis.

We have documented our Strike Rates and ensure that all tips we provide to use with our systems are profitable selections should they win. We do not provide tips that do not meet the minimum odds for a profitable transaction.

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