Winning Sports Betting Tips

We track all of our Sports Betting tips to ensure that we are remaining profitable every day. We make sure that all of our Sports Tips are hitting a profitable strike rate and are at the minimum odds to match that strike rate to ensure that they are profitable. 

Because its Our Mission to get you More Winners, we’re always on top of our results!

Sports Betting Tips Statistics

We offer a simple staking strategy with our Sports Picks for Maximum Profits. Although we also provide single picks across major Australian and International sports such as the NFL, NBA, NBL, MLB, AFL, NRL, Tennis and Big Bash Cricket for those who like to play straight bets or larger leg Multi’s we post our recommended picks to follow with our strategy.

Over the years that we have been operating we listened to our customers and one of the highest priorities for a Sports Punter after obviously making profit, was that it was easy to follow as there are so many betting markets available every day so we offer the option to use our staking strategy and follow our 2 leg Sports Multi’s of the Day/Night for maximum profit. We have 2 options to follow them, using a passive or an aggressive method. You can see all of our results via the Results File button below. This is referred to as our BOB Strategy. BOB stands for ‘Best Of the Best’.


Strike Rate: 52.7%Avg Odds: $2.00FOW (Frequency Of Win)​On the next bet after a win: 56% of the time.Within 2 bets: 78%Within 3 bets: 89%Within 4 bets: 93%Within 5 bets: 98%Within 6 bets: 99%Within 7 bets: 100%PASSIVE STATISTICSTotal Units Profit: 155.05ROI: 15%POT: 13%AGGRESSIVE STATISTICSTotal Units Profit: 318.1ROI: 19%POT: 16%


Strike Rate: 50.6%Avg Odds: $1.86FOW (Frequency Of Win)On the next bet after a win: 53% of the time.Within 2 bets: 78%Within 3 bets: 86%Within 4 bets: 93%Within 5 bets: 94%Within 6 bets: 99%Within 7 bets: 100%PASSIVE STATISTICSTotal Units Profit: 115.91ROI:10%POT: 9%AGGRESSIVE STATISTICSTotal Units Profit: 265.1ROI: 15%POT: 13%


We also commenced a ‘Best of the Day’ Multi at the start of January this year and is a Multiple Unit selection of 2 units. These figures are for just the last 2 months since commencement. As you can see, it has been super profitable during that period. We hit the win within 5 bets or less 100% of the time during the 2 months.

Strike Rate: 51.8%Avg Odds: $1.94FOW (Frequency Of Win)​On the next bet after a win: 51%Within 2 bets: 77%Within 3 bets: 88%Within 4 bets: 98%Within 5 bets: 100%​PASSIVE STATISTICSTotal Units Profit: 59.88ROI: 16%POT: 14%AGGRESSIVE STATISTICSTotal Units Profit: 139.24ROI: 21%POT: 18%

(You can request any screenshots of the tips from any of the days documented in the results file above via email at